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Event Soaps

Our Event Soap Bars are fantastic for event including weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, charity fundraisers, baby showers, welcome and thank you gifts.

Private Label

Handmade, home-made, and hand-cut, our Private Label soap bars are perfect for discerning companies when it comes to the quality and ingredients used to make the products they are selling.


Aside from creating our all-natural handmade soaps for the public we also sell wholesale to stores for resale.

Custom Formulation

We love to collaborate! We find that the process of collaboration offers an opportunity for discovery - and the mashup of ideas is pure alchemy!

About SistersAlchemy

“It really started with my sister” says Terri, “she showed me how to make soap and I completely fell in love with it. For me, it combines creativity, science, and pure magic”.

"I was living in Miami at the time - where we grew up - and was intrigued with all of the different things that were readily available in such a climate - things that just grew everywhere" says Lisa, "and I wondered what could be done with all the local botanicals. So then I wanted to learn to make soap with all of the local ingredients and give them as holiday gifts to friends and family" says Lisa.

"I went to New York, and with one single batch of soap under my belt, I called Terri to to show her the soap and asked if she wanted to make some right then and there" Lisa adds, "knowing Terri's love of fragrances, I whipped out all of my brand new little bottles of essential oils and as she went through each one of them her eyes widened and I knew we would be soaping that very afternoon."

And so it started.
We then set out to learn everything we could about natural soap making.

Right from the start we gravitated towards areas of the process that sort of called to us, individually. "I made a bee-line for the scents" says Terri and Lisa adds, "Terri has an uncanny sense for scents - pun intended. That is her obsession and seems to be where her inspiration lies. I will always defer to her on the scents!"

"And Lisa is all about the additives," Terri says, "the leaves, the twigs, the roots, and the best way to lure out their constituents."

The soaps are made with only ingredients found in nature. That’s what inspires us and generates the curiosity and mystery for us in soap making.

“We never intended to make a business of soap making - it was just something we both loved and wanted to spend time together - making soap everyday. But then we had too many soaps and no more room to put them in our New York apartments. I decided to offer them for sale on Facebook and to our surprise we sold them all in a matter of days”, Terri says, "The response was pretty overwhelming." We repeated this with the same results each time.

We use the purest essential oils for the scents and the colors are made from various roots, powders, purees, infused oils and other natural colorants. We feel that this is what makes our soap so special.

Terri is an actress, and has starred in shows including DYNASTY, NORTH & SOUTH, GENERAL HOSPITAL and AS THE WORLD TURNS (to name a few). Currently she is acting in independant films, both, in CA and NY.

Lisa is a former International runway model with a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Yale and works as a GRAPHIC ARTIST.

Both Lisa and Terri live and soap in New York City.


In order to make the product called soap there is only one requirement - which is two ingredients - oil and lye. The admixture of these two ingredients causes a process called saponification whereby the two materials are transformed into a third completely new material leaving behind no trace of the two original materials. So, in the final product there is no oils, there is no lye - there is just soap. Pure soap. That's alchemy!

Now for the Sisters part.

In addition to the oils and lye we use many different ingredients depending on the process we’re using, and the type of soap we'd like to make. It’s important to us to have the best ingredients from reputable vendors. We did a lot of research to find out who carries organic, unrefined, non-GMO, and high quality ingredients and that’s who we use.

All of our soap is made right in our kitchen. We use all natural products such as cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, avocado oil, sustainable palm oil, and olive oil to name but a few. Our essential oils are organic, whenever possible, and our colorants are completely natural consisting mostly of herbs, roots, and leaves in oil infusions

Not to limit ourselves, we make a diverse selection of soaps; some of our soaps have animal products such as tallow, lard, goat’s milk and yogurt, while others contain only vegetable products - they are vegan. We also have a palm-free soaps as well.

So you can be sure that when you’re buying from SistersAlchemy, you are buying all natural, handmade, soap bars. We know you’ll love them as much as we enjoy making them!

"I just want to let you know I switched to bodywash years ago cause barsoap just dried my skin terribly. But, thanks to you ladies, your soaps are mild enough with great fragance and no chemicals that will harm my skin. Bravo!!! Thank you, keep up the good work you the scents you create!"

~ Dana P ~

“For Mother's Day I purchased soaps for my Sisters and Mom and everyone loved them. I placed an order for holiday gifts and they are on the way to me now. I am so excited to give these as gifts and to share how special they are with my friends. Thank you Terri and Lisa. Your soaps are awesome. Be different this year and order something special that you will be remembered for order their soap. And be sure to order extra for yourself. Enjoy…….”

~ Randie K. ~

"The lavender soaps arrived today! I'm delighted with the fragrance, unique packaging of each soap, sealed with a lovely sticker, and the artful twine ribbon. Very nice indeed! Until I give these wonderful soaps as gifts, In the meantime, I've placed them in my lingerie drawer to scent my under-things. Terri, Your handmade soaps are pure luxury! I've been to Nice, France, and have bought lavender soaps from there. Your soap is by far more fragrant! Kudos!!"

~ Cynthia B ~

"Wow! These soaps are great and leave your skin so clean and soft! Try their dog soap!! Incredible!"

~ Sarah C. ~

“Hi gals, the soap was super!!Everyone was really surprised and loved the colors and the aromas..Thanks so much for the beautiful job you did for us!  You gals are the best!”

~ Karie B. ~

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"I get so excited when it's time to unwrap a new bar of your soap.... I love ALL of them."

~ Eldo E.~

“I’ve ordered twice now. I LOVE these soaps. Such gorgeous, precious gifts. I give them all the time as hostess gifts. Teenage girls love them! The smell is soothing in some, startling in others. Support by shopping locally! These women, The Sisters, are artists.”

~ Cindy G.~